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torridOrbs vs COREPLAY

The fourth season of Stammkneipe.de Clanleague started yesterday with a clanwar against COREPLAY. As they are the ascender from the second division of last season, our expectations were to win it easily, so AkiThePope decided to give our both returning to A-Squad member - sorrowquin and Dared - a chance to prove their promotion was not a fluke. It seems Dared wanted to troll us, so he played sleeping and with his feet only (dunno what happend there lol). Everything went as expected (though I estimated to lose one less map, but nevermind an easy win).

Here are the results:

torridOrbs [ 4 - 2 ] COREPLAY

tO_sorrowquin [ 1 - 0 ] cplay.zazello
tO_sorrowquin [ 1 - 1 ] cplay.iRa
tO_Dared [ 1 - 2 ] cplay.iRa (roflcoptor, seriously Dared wtf?!^^, I expected sorrow to lose but not you!)
tO_NaDannMaGoGo [ 2 - 2 ] cplay.iRa
tO_NaDannMaGoGo [ 3 - 2 ] cplay.rAa
tO_NaDannMaGoGo [ 4 - 2 ] cplay.WrathOfGod

NaDannMaALLKILL was trolled by sorrowquin stealing a win (lol the eigth world wonder!), this sneaky guy! I heard NaDannMaALLKILL ragedquitted after his win against WrathOfGod, because of only 3 wins!

COREPLAY were mostly "cool" (beside of their idiotic leader, rofl), but I guess we will not see them in Division 1 next season, so never mind.


P.s. If you wish replays, then post it in the comments and I might consider uploading them, but if I only upload them for tO_uLt1ma, then LOL!

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