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last stammkneipe war against Team ScT

Today we had our last war in the Stammkneipe Clanleague Season 3. After a rather bad start, with two really dissapointing losses to weaker clans (vs dLG 3-4 and vs my 2-4), we could actually end up being third this season. The task was to win against Team Starcraft Troopers and a little help from our dear friends from deine Lieblingsgamer and DRUCKWELLE.

First I will start with our clanwar result:

torridOrbs [ 4 - 2 ] Team Starcraft Troopers
tO_NaDannMaGoGo [ 1 - 0 ] iRoN-ScT- @ Metalopolis
tO_NaDannMaGoGo [ 2 - 0 ] Tarja-ScT @ Xel'Naga Caverns
tO_NaDannMaGoGo [ 2 - 1 ] Pepe-ScT @ Xel'Naga Caverns
tO_HotS [ 3 - 1 ] Pepe-ScT @ Shattered Temple
tO_HotS [ 3 - 2 ] Alfadas-ScT @ Shattered Temple
tO_PaPoolee [ 4 - 2 ] Alfadas-ScT @ Shakuras Plateau

Replays: http://chrisolo.ch.funpic.de/torridOrbs/cwar_vs_sct.rar (password again in the internal forums)

Now back to our constellation. We fulfilled our task, let's see if our dear friends could solve their task, though they had a harder one.

deine Lieblingsgamer had to win against mystical Lambda with a clean sweep. If I had to bet, I would have never bet on dLG even to win this match. Magically they won it. And they did not only won it, but they did it with a 4-0. So they helped us out pretty much, because the first contender for a higher rank in the league was mystical Lambda. A big big hug to dLG. Love you guys <3. I swear we only gonna rape you 4-1 next season for this help Smilie Big love!

Now our real "friends" from DRUCKWELLE (they were actually a real cool clan to have a clanwar against) needed to win against Intellegent Playing System with another 4-0 victory.

Sadly sadly...

... they postponed their war until wednesday on 18 CEST. So we got to wait 'til they played it out. Let us pray to god they will have a good day.


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